9 Part Course

Dive into the profound unknown and connect deeply with your souls desire over a longer period of time.

Course overview

Title Description Date
Introduction Soul Art
Becoming aware oft he subtle energy flows and the centres of energy, that are important for Creating
What is Soul Art?
What is my over-all intention for this course?
Creation of a personal Power-Painting, that will lead through the single sequences of the course.
Middle of  August (Sa)
1. Root Chakra You Are a Vessel
Grounding, Stabiliy, Safety/Security
„I have“
We connect with Earth
Intention-Painting Earth
End of August (Sa)
2. Sacral Chakra You Are Emotion
Joy, Sexuality, unfiltered Emotions
„I feel“
We connect with Water
Intention-Painting Water
Middle of September (Sa)
3. Solar Plexus You Are Creator
Willpower, Assertiveness, Self-efficacy
„I can“
We connect with Fire
Intention-Painting Fire
End of September (Sa)
4. Heart Chakra You Are Love
Devotion, Connection, Love, Closeness
„I love“
We connect with Air
Intention-Painting Air
Middle of October (Sa)
5. Throat Chakra You Are Truth
Communication, Truth, Clarity, Creativity
„I speak“
We connect with Ether
Intention-Painting Ether
End of October (Sa)
6. Third Eye You Are Wisdom
Seeing, Spirituality, Intuition , Spirituality, Intuition, Insight
„I see“
We connect with our higher self
Middle of November (Sa)
7. Crown Chakra You Are Home
Enlightment, Home coming
We connect with the source
End of November (Sa)
Closure: Connection with all Chakras and Activating of the elementary power We connect with « being » and step into our inner individual basic force.

Painting that connects all intentions to a primary intention for the current life phase.

Middle of December (Sa)

The course fee (995.- CHF) is due latest 2 weeks before the start date of the course. From this point on it cannot be refunded.

If any of the parts can’t be attended, it is possible to do them later during a regular Soul Art Workshop (with a max of 3 missed parts). There is no guarantee to be able to set up a new workshop especially for the missed topic. It is possible though to book a 1 on 1 session for the specific topic.

It is required to participate in the introduction session in order for the full course to be attended.

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