You Are Alchemy
55 wisdom cards for clarity and focus, to get you from old to gold

From old to gold. Stepping out from a constricted fearful perspective, expanding into the bigger picture of life. Seeing how everything is intertwined and connected and how every aspect contributes to the whole. This Card Deck «You Are Alchemy» supports you in experiencing how everything we encounter is an expression of alignment or an invitation for alignment with life. It helps you to explore the different layers of perspectives and to dive into the depths and the heights of being.

In this card deck you will find hidden aspects and secrets that can only be when every single unique expression has its place and reveals its unique medicine within the whole in its perfect timing.

Be open, explore, express, shift perspective, see through the fears in your everyday life and you will transform your challenges into alchemical change. You have the power for alchemy to happen in every given moment. You Are Alchemy, conductor of life force, servant of love.

wisdom card deck You Are Alchemy

About the creator

Janine Landtwing, urban Soul Art© Shamana, currently lives in Switzerland and travels the world. She’s a wisdom keeper, a loving animal communicator, a devotional space holder, core activator and poet of mystery, always pointing to the unique essence everybody is carrying within. She reminds mankind of their true calling. She holds workshops and retreats of empowerment, supporting people to find, activate and live their unique medicine.

The Card Deck was created and co-created with inspirations of 55 friends, throughout an intuitive process and carries the essence of her soul’s journey within. Not only the words but also the paintings, the graphics and the hidden secrets of the cards were designed by her.

You Are Alchemy activates what you truly are here to be, by letting you shift realities and by reminding you of your truth, transforming old into gold.

Supported, designed and produced by You Are Art

Special thanks to all the beautiful beings that inspired me to this card deck and keep inspiring me on my path of my own calling. Thanks to all the experiences lived, continuously transforming my whole being into the next version of alchemy.

And thanks for the loving, patient graphical support : T. Murer, Teegrafik


The ‘You are Alchemy’ wisdom deck is artistically stunning! Each message offers potent messages to activate alchemy in your life!”

“Janine’s ‘You are Alchemy’ oracle deck is a visual delight filled with potent messages of wisdom.”

Laura Hollick , (creator of worldwide Soul Art Certification ©), Canada

Thank you so much for the insightful and affirming intuitive insights that came with my cards!

Kevin Thom , (award-winning photographer), Canada

Your beautiful cards arrived, and I love them! They’re very rich in meaning – sometimes a card surprises me later with an insight when I’m not focused on it. The accompanying text is really powerful.

Taylor Baxter, USA

Sooo excited about this new beautifully handcrafted wisdom deck from the wonderful artist Janine Landtwing. Thank you for taking us with you on this special journey of creation.

Nicole Frank, (Life Coach), Switzerland

Just want to let you know that I discover so many layers in your card deck. Especially the inner-outer part (…), it’s a deep understanding that you see-feel-sense in a split second, but when you have to explain it, it takes so many words. I see a picture of many lines criss-cross connected in the depth of the invisible. (…) it’s all so alchemical working out in how you have created this card deck.

Hemera Margrieta , (Shamana Soul Artist), Holland

I love the cards. I have my Soul Art workshop planned for this weekend and will be including them.

Tracy Sartari, Australia

Yours is the only deck I have (out of at least 100 collected over 30+ years, that have ALIVE energy in them. It’s YOU!
the wild depths of your intuitive creative access is truly a wonder to behold and the gift you offer is invitation to such depths of beauty, pain, joy, healing in others.

Georgette Star, Founder of the “LIFE BLESSING INSTITUTE”


You Are Alchemy
55 wisdom cards for clarity and focus, to get you from old to gold

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