After my studies in Applied Psychology and my PHD in Social- and Economical Psychology, followed by a big amount of additional further education such as Emergency Psychology, Case-Management, Change-Management, Project-Management and Leadership with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), I still wasn’t feeling happy at all.

There seemed to be missing something, I felt empty and without energy. Going through many difficult years that sometimes got me feeling like wanting to die, I came to the conclusion that I had forgotten about just being myself. I had believed in needing to achieve something, to accomplish something or to become someone special.

I started to engage with the offerings of shamanic ways of seeing, with animal communication and with the focus on radical self-responsability (and with that, related to a deep, never ending self-inquiry). These approaches finally got my feet back on the ground. And with that, also my long journey of painting throughout these years – that subconsciously had supported me while going through a lot of pain – began to get more clear to me.

The creative expression and the connection to the elements of nature started to bring me back more and more again to myself, to my inner core and my essence.

I am not afraid, I was born to do this.
-Jeanne d’Arc

I began to perceive the energies around me in a more conscious and clear way, I started to recognize my belief patterns – and the ones in my environment – that hindered me in stepping into my own power, to stand up and to position myself, into the light and into my very own strength. To say no, when needed. To say yes, if felt so, independently of the fear to be judged as ridiculous or as being weird.

Less and less I care about what others think of me. More and more I listen to my intuition, my heart, which shows me very clearly, what would be the next step if I dare to move on. Walking again and again through fire and fears, sensing their inherent power, though. Seeing and feeling the truth and healing in it.

And, besides all this, what we believe in needing to do, to heal, to improve, always getting back to the core of being. To the gratitude, the joyful and passionate way of life.

We only need to remember. And to forget, so that we are able to remember again.

My personal vision is to be in my very own power and to give myself with my essence completely into this world to hold space for others, enabling them to find and see their own power and to give this precious gift to life, sharing compassion, joy and love.

With love,