Order your own painting of power, your Soul Power Expression

Every human being has their own individual vibes which on the surface can constantly change through inner processes (such as thoughts and related emotions) and perceivable outside circumstances.

I love to create a painting just for you, that is aligned with your being and the topics and situations you are facing in the moment, so that your inherent vibes, your core can be strengthened and supported, so that you can find your inner power again. The painting can guide you also through the next months and years and will change with you as hidden aspects suddenly can be seen or different layers are getting more in your focus.

Without any obligation you can get in touch with me (phone, E-mail or personally) and let me know about you and your situation that you are willing to share and – if wanted – I transmit my impressions intuitively onto canvas. If you wish I add written forms of insight that are coming through while painting and after finishing the painting.

Dependent on the size of the painting, the price will differ, starting from 333.- CHF. You can choose between the sizes as below (or ask me for a different option).

If you like to get written, poetic form of guiding thoughts on the painting’s expressions and insights, there will be an additional 100.- CHF).

Squares Price
30 x 30 cm 333.- CHF
40 x 40 cm 444.- CHF
50 x 50 cm 555.- CHF
Rectangular Price
40 x 60 cm 555.- CHF
50 x 70 cm 595.- CHF
Connect with yourself and recognize that you are everything, and that you have everything that you are looking for.