Welcome to my website -my little online home- which holds as much space as you like to claim for yourself. Cruise around and let yourself be guided by your curiosity and touched by your own creativity. A creativity that lives inside of you and might be secretly snoozing. Go on a discovery tour, let yourself be seduced by colors and shapes and the silent expressions of the paintings, all of which are connected with your heart.

Just be you.
Be now.

You, as a unique, precious piece of art, that only you can be for this world. A creation that rebuilts itself in every single instant and gives birth to a new masterpiece in every moment. Connect with yourself and recognize that you are everything, and that you have everything that you are looking for.

You Are Life Itself.
You Are Art.
You Are.

I am looking forward to meeting you, electronically, personally, in a workshop or through one of my paintings that has been painted for you.